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Reckless Ukulele tab

Aaron Watson

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Andy

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(Aaron Watson/ Neal Lowry)

Capo on 2nd fret
  		During the verses and the long 
stretches of G, switch from G 
to Gsus2. 
Intro (G, Gsus2) x 3 
I still think about us  
and the rush that we felt 
With the ragtop down 
and the radio blastin' 
You were riding shotgun 
in nothing but a bikini and seatbelt 
Looking better than the  
law should've been allowing 
D Em Hit the corner goin' 90 C Lovin' blindly fallin', G G/F# Em head over heels over you Em C Every feeling that we felt D was a feeling that felt brand new Em Am And, you look just like an angel G D that cross on your necklace Am D You were young, I was wild G we were reckless
(G, Gsus2) x 4 G We drive on down to the river burnin' up those hot summer nights Laughing at the cowboys gettin' crazy, and pickin' fights G It wasn't funny, that deputy caught you and me, steamin' up those windows And how your daddy never found out about it honey, heaven only knows Chorus Guitar and fiddle solo (Chorus chords) G I looked into your eyes and I promised you forever And I believed it with all my heart I just didn't know any better G Gettin' over you took years (I'll spot)? those tears I cried And I'd do it all over again all for the thrill of the ride Chorus Young, wild, and reckless (G, Gsus2) fade out Chords (without capo) G-320003 (A-x02220) Gsus2-3x0013 (Asus2-x02230) D-x00232 (E-o22100) C-x32010 (D-x00232) Am-x02210 (Bm-224432) G/F#-2x0033 (?)
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