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Pink Triangle Tab


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

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Pink Triangle

  		Subject: TAB: Pink Triangle by Weezer 
From: Jamie Hale ([email protected]) 
  Here is Pink Triangle by Weezer. 
Intro - Clean guitar: 
3|---0-----2-----4--------2--0-----------0--------| x4 
Repeat twice alone then twice with this: 
3|-----------------------------------------------| (distorted) 
Verse - w/distortion: 
Em                    A 
When I'm stable long enough 
  D                     A  G 
I start to look around for love 
Em                    A 
See a sweet in floral prints 
   D                  A  G 
My mind begins the arangements 
  -- another guitar begins playing lead -- 
Em                             A 
But when I start to   feel that  pullllllllllllllll 
D                      G 
  Turns out I   just  pulled  myself 
Em                   A 
She would never go with me 
    D                     G 
We're not all thats good on the earth 
G     Bm            C    G 
  I'm dumb, she's a lesbian 
  C             G         D 
I thought I had found the one 
Em      B       C             G 
We were good as married in my mind 
    C             G          D 
But married in my mind is no good 
      C    B  A     D      Em 
Ohhh  pink triangle on her sleeve 
C                G 
Lets me know the truth 
C       D        G 
Lets me know the truth 
 -- repeat clean intro riff twice -- 
Verse 2 - same chords as verse 1: 
Might have smoked a few in my time 
But never thought it was a crime 
Knew the day would surely come 
When I'd chill and settle down 
  -- lead begins -- 
But when I think I've found a good old fashioned girl 
Then she puts me in my plaaaaaaaaaace 
Everyones a little queer 
Why can't she be a little straight 
  -- repeat chorus -- 
Solo:  two guitars playing around in the same scale 
       as the verse and intro lead, but lower.  Its 
       easy to figure out if you listen 
  -- repeat chorus with choppy power chords, until  
     the "Pink Triangle on her Sleeve" part.  -- 
C      D        G 
Let me know the truth 
C      D        G 
Let me know the truth 
  -- end with intro riff -- 

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