The Superjesus

Now And Then

The Superjesus


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Now And Then

	  		Standard tuning - surprise,surprise! I don't think they actually play with 
standard tuning however this works! 
main riff (you can hopefully figure out chord shapes to hold eg for the 6, 
8,6 part barre your first finger on the 6 fret.) 
-------------------------------------------------------- --| 
Chord progression 
|---3---                                         ---6--- 
|---3---                                         ---6--- 
|---4---                                         ---7--- 
|---5---   x 3                                 ---8---     x 3 
---0          x3 (note: lift off your little finger D string - so it is open) 
|---5---                                         ---8--- 
|---3---                                         ---6--- 
|---6               ---3               ---x 
|---6               ---5               ---x 
|---7    x3       ---5  x 3        ---5  x3 
|---5               ---5               ---4 
|---6               ---3               ---5 
|---x                ---x               ---x 
NOTES -   Listen to the cd to figure out the rythem - this tab is only very 
bare but it sound okay and you can sing along - just like Patsy Bisco and 
Fat cat! 
Chris Tennet plays a fender strat - he plays it on the first pick up (i.e. 
pick setting to the left) this way he gets a cool mellow ringing. 
This is my first tab, so please be kind (I did get help with it) - it is 
just my interpretation - I am by no means musically talented but I love my 
guitar! Please send any comments etc to [email protected] Remember - 
support Aussie music -  it always rocks! 
Kate "train hard, eat plenty" Cooper 
"We all go a little mad sometimes, haven't you? "  
Norman Bates, PSYCHO 


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