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Run With Me

	   Bass Line 
E |--------------| 
A |--0--0--1--1--| 
D |-0--0--0--0---| 
G |--------------| 
Guitar (Low Distortion) 
e |-------------------| 
b |-------------------| 
g |-------------------| 
d |-------0-7b8-------| 
a |-0-5b6-------------| 
e |-------------------| 
Chorus (Blues Distortion) 
e |-3-3-3----------------------------------| 
b |-3-3-3----------------------------------| 
g |-3-3-3---12-12-12-11-11-11-9-9-9-8 8----| 
d |-5-5-5----------------------------------| 
a |-5-5-5----------------------------------| 
e |-3-3-3----------------------------------| 


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