Spin Doctors

Forty or Fifty

Spin Doctors


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Forty or Fifty

	  		Intro x3 
(Verse 1:) 
A7            Ab7                G7                C 
For  -  ty  or fif - ty hors - es  ly - ing in a lot 
F#7                F7              Ebm7           A 
Red raincoats and rifles and epi - dem - ic has been stopped 
A7          Ab7                   G7             C 
Sci-en-tist speaks what  are  you  wondering about? 
F#7             F7                Ebm7             A       
   Got where he is by turn - ing  lab mice in-side out 
G  A7              G A7             G 
    The things we do and have to do 
A7                G        A7                     G     A7 
And the things I do for you and what you do for me too  
                  G A7                   G 
the “yeah but I...” and any other excuse 
A7                        G   A6   
And if you take it for given, then what’s the use? 
(repeat intro riff) 
And at the same time as the chorus, another guitar plays this riff over 
and over, 6 1/2 times: 
(Verse 2:) 
All his posessions around him in his house 
Lying beside him his companion and spouse 
And in the morning he dress and go to hell 
all activated by a little timer bell 
There is a solo but I am too lazy to type it all out here, so you’ll 
have to figure that out on your own. 
Dennis Westlind 


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