Sonic Youth

Androginous mind

Sonic Youth


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Androginous mind

Afinação Standard 
"Androgynous Mind" 
Hey sad angel walks 
And he talks like a girl 
Out trying to think 
Why it stinks he's not a girl 
Now he's kicked in the gut 
They fucked him up - just enough 
Got me down on my knees 
I kiss his ring 
God is love 
	Androgynous mind.... 
Hey hey are you gay 
Are you God 
My brain's a bomb 
To turn you on 
Everything is all right 
God is gay 
And you were right 
	Androgynous mind... 
	Hey hey it's ok..... 
God said it's all right 
foryou to fight 
to free yr mind 
Whose side are you on 
Like a bomb 
Tr free tonite 
        Androgynous mind... 
        Hey hey it's ok..... 
	Cifrado por Jean R.C. de Almeida	 
	Para outros detalhes como os solos ou correções escreva-me [email protected] 
	Outras tab's, Pink Floyd, Sonic Youth, The Breeders... 
	Jean R. C. de Almeida. 
Contribuição: ([email protected]) 


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