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-Although the bass is drop D tuning, the guitars are regular tuned (I think). 
Here's how I play it... 
|-----3-------1-------3-------   -----2-------0-------------------------------- 
|-----3-------1-------5-------   -----3-------1-------------------------------- 
|-----4-------2-------5-------   -----4-------0-------------------------------- 
|-----5-------3-------5-------   -----4-------2-------------------------------- 
|-----5-------3-------3-------   -----2-------3-------------------------------- 
|-----3-------1---------------   ---------------------------------------------- 
  <------Verse--------->         <---"Chorus" ------> 
- The above is for rhythm guitar (James).  Billy plays the following (I think): 
|-----------------------------   ---------------------------------------------- 
|-----------------------------   ---------------------------------------------- 
|-----------------------------   ---------------------------------------------- 
|-----5b6b5---3/10-----------   ----------------------------(16)b14----------- 
|-----------------------------   ----5----7----9/10---12----------------------- 
|-----3b4b3---1/8------------   ---------------------------------------------- 
  <-----Verse---------->           <--------"Chorus"----------------> 
-  At the end of the 2nd chorus the chord is some wierd Am which looks like 
              |---1----      (Am/D ) 
- Here's the slow part... 
  |---3-------------0-------------      --------------------------------------- 
  |---0-(or 3)------1-------------      ------------------------13--12--(pinky) 
  |---4-------------2-------------      --------------------------------------- 
  |---5-------------3-------------      ---12----12-----10--10--10--10--------- 
  |---5-------------3-------------      ------14--------12--12--12--12--------- 
  |---3-------------1-----(thumb)-      --------------------------------------- 
     <-----James------->                     <---------Billy------------> 
-  I could be wrong on a lot of things here, but this is how I play it and it 
 comes out sounding pretty good.  Any comments appreciated. 
   Hey, Blue, all your love is strange 
   Come out, with all those crazy names 
   So true, when you laugh 
   For you, Blue 
   Right or wrong  
   I belong...right or wrong. 
   Hey, Blue, where'd you run to now  (Hey Blue) 
   Miss you since they found you out 
   I've been waiting for such a long hour 
   For your smile... 
   For you, Blue 
   I lay with you this velvet moment 
   Stay with me for a while 
   Where we run is up to you 
   Just stay with me for a while. 


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