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by Andre020182

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Year: 1999 - Album: Eye II Eye

  		intro  B5 B5 B5 B5 A B5 
then   B5 B5    D5 D5    B5 B5    E5 E5     (repeating) 
D5     G?        D5        G?        D5         G?      E5 
  This moment in time, i'm losing my mind, this lady is quite 
  Mysterious     B5 B5    D5 D5    B5 B5    E5 E5     
During the lead, Rudy comes in later behind playing   B5 B5    B5 B5   
The song is straightforward, playing along with it 2 or 3 times and it  
becomes very easy  
I really don't have a clue, but on the guitar you can play a B A B note  
pattern every once in a while to follow along  Looks like this: 
  2 0 2       
You can play the same basic chords as mentioned earlier  
For the intro and Chorus   Bm Bm  D D  Bm Bm  E E 
And for the bridge   D G D G D G E 
But for those of us with deeper voices (and who can't sing, like me) you can  
play the song lower (scale?) with 
intro and Chorus    Am Am   C C   Am Am   D D 
bridge   C F C F C F D 
i am new to the guitar, so as far as i understand the chords, this is how i  
play it on the my strat  
  B5     A      D5     E5     G? (this is a type of Gmaj7 i think) 
  x      x      x      x      x   
  x      x      x      x      7   
  4      2      7      9      7      x   don't strike 
  4      2      7      9      5   
  2      0      5      7      x      these are power chords therefore 
  x      x      x      x      x      only downstroke 
Downloaded from: 
ScannedTabs cjb net 


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