Ralph Stanley

Little Maggie

Ralph Stanley

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Little Maggie

	  		 (sounding key B minor) 
Repeat the following figure for all the lines. Harmonically the "thing" in the third bar is some kind of D and some kind of C. 
  Am2                               G         E7 
  :   .   ,   .   ,   .   ,   .     :   .   ,   .   ,   .   ,   .  
  Am2           "D" "C"             Am2 
  :   .   ,   .   ,   .   ,   .     :   .   ,   .   ,   .   ,   . 
Oh, where is little Maggie 
Over yonder she stands, 
Rifle on her shoulder, 
Six-shooter in her hand. 
How can I ever stand it, 
Just to see them two blue eyes, 
Shinin' like some diamonds, 
Like some diamonds in the sky. 
Rather be in some lonely hollow 
Where the sun don't ever shine, 
Than to see you be another man's darling, 
And to know that you'll never be mine. 
Well, it's march me away to the station 
With my suitcase in my hand, 
Yes, march me away to the station, 
I'm off to some far-distant land. 
Sometimes I have a nickel, 
And sometimes I have a dime, 
Sometimes I have ten dollars, 
Just to pay for little Maggie's wine. 
Pretty flowers are made for blooming, 
Pretty stars are made to shine, 
Pretty girls are made for boy's love, 
Little Maggie was made for mine. 
Well, yonder stands little Maggie 
With a dram glass in her hand, 
She's a drinkin' down her troubles 
Over courtin' some other man. 


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