Mister Driver




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Mister Driver

	  		This is a tab for the song "Mister Driver" by The Plastiscines from their first album.  
The song is super easy 
and fun to play :) 

A5: 5-7-7-x-x-x---| 
G5: 3-5-5-x-x-x---| 
C5: 8-10-10-x-x-x-| 

Intro and Verse: 

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e|-----------------------------5--5-------------------------------| B|-----------------------------5--5-------------------------------| G|-----------------------------6--6-------------------------------| D|-----7---------5-------5----------------------------------------| A|---7---7-----5---5---5---5--------------------------------------| E|-5---------3-------7--------------------------------------------|
I've been sitting in your car for hours please mister driver don't tell my mother I've been waiting here next to your fire and it makes me feel a little higher Bridge: A5 G5 I can hear you boom boom heart A5 G5 second feel your baam baam heart A5 G5 never stop the boom boom A5 G5 that's the way I love you now Chorus: A5 G5 C5 A5 Hey mister driver won't you rock with me A5 G5 C5 A5 in the morning won't you come with me A5 G5 C5 A5 hey mister driver won't you rock with me A5 G5 C5 A5 please mister driver try a little hard with me Repeat these three parts for the rest of the song.

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