I'm Amazed




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I'm Amazed

Year: 1988 - Album: Surfer Rosa

	  		I'M AMAZED 
-...girls and fucked 'em at school 
All I know is that  
There were rumours he was into field hockey players 
There were rumours 
-So he applied basically 
-He was gone the next day 
-And went off with the team 
-It's like - he was go-they just like 
It was so hush hush 
They were so... quiet about it 
And then the next thing you know... 
Intro bass: 
The day before 
I was wed 
She went upstairs 
And then she cut her head away 
I'm amazed  (4x) 
And when I was  
A little boy 
A ball of string 
Might get up to the rain  
Before I died 
I took my Honda 
And cranked it up up up 
Too bad it don't have no brakes 
I'm amazed  (4x) 

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