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Thin Air

Year: 2000 - Album: Live: 07-11-03 Mansfield, MA

  		Intro:E x 4

First verse
           E            C                E   
There's a light when my baby is in my arms,
           E            C                    E
There's a light when my window shades are drawn,
       E         C             E
Hesitate when I feel I may do harm to her,
        E               C               E 
Was it all 'cause this feeling we can share...?

       C                       D A            E
And I know she reached my heart...    in thin air.


Second Verse
       E            C           E
Byzantine is reflected in our pond,
            E            C              E
There's a cloud but the water remains calm,
         E              C                        E   
Reaching in the suns fingers clutch the dawn to pass,

      E              C             E   
Even out it's a precious thin to bear.

Then play the chorus twice.

      F         C         G 
It's not in my past to presume,
           D                 A  
Love can keep on moving, in both directions.
F          C         G
How to be happy and true,
        D                A       
Is the quest were taking on together,

Taking on...on...on...
Taking on...on...on on...on

There is a light when my baby is in my arms,

Then play the chorus four times.
C                         D    A                     E      x4

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