Paul Wilbur

Adonai Tab

Paul Wilbur

Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by crevg

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  		Introdução: Am  G  F  G  Am  G  F  G - (base) 
Am            G 
Lord of eternity 
F                  C 
Mistery behind the veil 
F                    C 
Lord over Heaven and earth 
           G   F 
God of Israel 
Am                        G 
Come with Your wisdom and power  
F                          C 
Clothed in Your honor and strength 
F                        C 
Lord hear the cry of our hearts 
Come conquering King 
    F              G 
And every eye will see 
     Am              G 
Your glory fill the sky 
   Am      F 
Adonai, Adonai  
      C                    G 
Every knee will bow to You Lord Most High 
   Am      F 
Adonai, Adonai  
     C                  G 
You alone are God every tongue  will cry 
   Am  G  F  G 
Am             G 
Here Jerusalem waits  
F                 C 
Praises lifted on high 
F                  C 
Here the beautiful gates 
Long to see You arise 
F                G 
When all of Zion sings 
    Am                 G 
Baruch ha ba b? shem 
C                 F 
You are Lord over all the earth  
        C                 G 
You are Lord over all the earth  


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