Paul McCartney


Paul McCartney

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	  		F#m          C#7         F#m         Dmaj7 
Motor cars, handlebars, bicycles for two 


                    A  Asus4 A 
Broken-hearted jubilee 

F#m         C#7          F#m              Dmaj7 
Parachutes, army boots, sleeping bags for two 
                  A  Asus4 A 
Sentimental jamboree 

Dsus4 Dm  A    A5   A   E   E6 E7   A    Asus4  e high E once 
Buy,     buy, says the sign in the shop win----dow 
Dsus4 Dm  A    A5   A   E   E6 E7   A 
Why,     why, says the junk in the yard 

F#m  C#7 F#m        Dmaj7  A Asus4 A 
Ooh la la la la la da da 

Candlesticks, building bricks, something old and new 
Memories for you and me 

Buy, buy, says the sign in the shop window 
Dsus4 Dm  A             E   E6 E7   F#m  C#7  F#m  Dmaj7  A 
Why,     why, says the junk in the yard 


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