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My Morning Jacket

Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by adalgomes

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  		 Tyrone - My Morning Jacket 
Tabbed by: badfish_lewis 

MMJ does it a little differently every time but this will give you the basics. 

Tuning: Standard -  

Intro: (Repeat Am and Dm) 



I'm getting tired of your shit 
You don't ever buy me nothing 
See every time you come around You gotta bring Jim James, Paul and Tyrone 

See, why can we be by ourselves sometimes? I've been having this on my mind for a long time 
I just want it to be you and me like it used to be, baby 
But you don't know how to act So matter fact, 

I think you better call Tyrone 
And tell him come on help you get your shit 
Yeah you better call Tyrone 
But you can't use my phone 

Every time we go somewhere I gotta reach down in my purse 
To pay your way and your homeboys way and sometimes your cousins way 
They don't ever have to pay 
Don't have no cars 
Hang around in bars 
Try to hang around with stars 
like Badu I'm gonna tell you the truth 
You better show 'em proof 

Call Tyrone And tell him come on help you get your shit 
Oh call Tyrone 
But you can't use my phone... 


| /   slide up 
| \   slide down 
| h   hammer-on 
| p   pull-off 
| ~   vibrato 
| +   harmonic 
| x   Mute note 
| b   Bend 
| pb  Pre-bend 
| br  Bend release 
| pbr Pre-bend release 
| brb Bend release bend 


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