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Kyocera Commercial

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Kyocera Commercial


Tab Notes: 
Tuning: Standard 
h = hammer on 
P = pull off 



|-----------0-----0----| 4x 


|-----------0-----0----| 2x 

|--0---0-----0----| 2x 

   Am7               D7/F#     

   G           B7     

verse 2 (same chord progression as 1st verse) 

Instrumental (same as Intro with clapping) 

verse 3 (same chord progression as 1st verse) 

verse 4 (same chord progression as 1st verse) 
Outro (Repeat with adlib lyrics) 
Em7 - 2 measures, C - 2 measures, G - 1 measure, D/F# - 1 measure 


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