Mel Tillis

Melancholy Child

Mel Tillis


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Melancholy Child

In Dm: 
e --------|------5---5-3---0----0-|1=0---1=0---------------| 
B ------1-|3---3-------------1----|----1-----1-3-----------| 
G --2-----|-----------------------|------------------------| 
Or in Am, capoed up 5: 
e --------|------0---0------------|------------------------| 
B --------|------------3---0----0-|1=0---1=0---------------| 
G ------0-|2---2-------------0----|----0-----0-2-----------| 
D --2-----|-----------------------|------------------------| 
The chords are Dm Dm C Dm in some parts, and Dm C C Dm in others.  I think. 
I think it's G, A7, and A7(#5) in the bridge.  Maybe. 
- Adam Schneider, [email protected] 

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