Matchbook Romance

Monsters Intro Tab

Matchbook Romance

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by bwjordan

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there isn't a video lesson for this song


Monsters Intro

  		If you have heard this song you know it's awesome. 
Gh3 popularized this song on co-op play.Me and a couple of 
friends is starting a band.We're pretty awesome.Wecanplay 
this song prettygood. 

anyway,here is the song. 

artist:Matchbook Romance 

Ok,I'm only gonna tab the intro of this song.I can the play the whole song, 
but,(including the SOLO!!!) I only have time to tab theintrothough. 

here goes!!! 

standard tuning! 
------14-  x8 

----11--14--11 x3 then-12-- 
here is the part that goes like this:--12--13--14/--16or--17-! 
that"s the end. Not the best tab but a pretty good one from the intro. 
ROCK ON !!!!!!!!! 

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