Leonardo's Bride

Even When I'm Sleeping

Leonardo's Bride

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Even When I'm Sleeping

	  		Tabbed by Dave [email protected]  
The tab version I found on ozTabs didn't sound quite right to me  
so here's my take on this song.  
Intro: Strum opening D chord  
1: Don?t be confused by my apparent lack of ceremony, my mind is clear  
1: I may be low or miles high off in the distance, I want you near  
2: And If they take me flying on the magic carpet, see me wave  
2: If our communication fails, I reconnect it, I want to reign  
3: No matter where the road is leading us remember, don't be afraid   
3: We have a continent, that sometimes comes between us, That?s O.K  
F#7    Bm   F#7      D              F#7      D     
       I    love you, even when I?m sleeping  
Bm    Em       A7       D   Bm    Em      A7    D  
       When I close my eyes,      you?re everywhere  
F#7  Bm  A7  
Comments/Suggestions [email protected]  


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