KillSwitch Engage

Life To Lifeless

KillSwitch Engage


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Life To Lifeless

.  - palm mute 
h  - hammer on 
p  - pull off 
Tuning: Eb 
Only low 4 strings shown 
This tab's layout is different from my others because I originally 
didn't plan to post it. However, this song was so easy, and after I 
tabbed it and started to play it seriously with the song, It sounded 
really good and I just had to share it. 
Fig.1              1a 
   .. ..  ...... 
^^Fig.1 is rhyhm guitar. It opens the song, and proceeds for two notes after 
the pick scrape before guitar 1 starts playing Fig.2^^ 
Fig. 2 
^^After Fig.2, play the rhythm guitar part until the verse comes in (which is 
only about a few notes)^^ 
Fig. 3 
     ...   ...    .. . 
^^Fig.3 is the verse, and it repeats until you hear the rhythm guitar again. Those 
last three palm muted chords are there give or take, they don't really matter.^^ 
Then the rhythm guitar starts playing for longer time. Moderate Fig.1 by adding palm 
muted chords where they are needed in the song. It's very easy, and I reccommend just 
playing it as you hear the song. 
Fig.4            Fig.4a 
^^Fig.4 is the chorus, and 4a is the part after it. You can add a couple more palm muted 
0s then bar your finger over the two strings again if you want, it basically optional 
how you play the song. Any way the song will sound the same.^^ 
^^Then 4a is that part after Fig.4 plays 4x (8x for the very last chorus). This goes a little 
fast, but getting it right is pretty easy.^^ 
  .... .... ........ 
^^Fig.5 is the bridge part. Then the transition between the bridge and verse again is Fig.1^^ 
Fig.1 -Gtr.2 intro and fill 
Fig.2 -Gtr.1 intro after Fig.1 
Fig.3 -Verse Riff 
Fig.4 -Chorus 
Fig.4a-Post Chorus 
Fig.5 -Bridge 
Contribuição: Alexandre maximo silva([email protected]) 


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