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Johnny Cash

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Year: 2003 - Album: Unearthed (5CD)

Key:  Am More
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intro: Am C G x2  terminando em Am  
        Am        C      D       Am      C        D     Am  
( C  G  Am )  
I hurt myself today, to see how fast will feel,   
I focus on the pain the only thing it´s real  
The neddle tears a hole, the old familiar stink, try to kill it all the way,   
But i remember everything  
Refrão : ( toque como se estivesse tocando piano, ou seja, belisque uma corda grave  
e logo em seguida três agudas )  
      G ,     Am7 ,    F6 ,     C5 ,       G   
C              F    G                    Am           F          G           
what have I become, my sweetest friend, every one i know, goes away every year,   
Am                     F  
and you could have it all,   
G                  Am             F  
my empire of dirt, I'll let you down  
G              Am  
I'll make you hurt  
( C  G  Am )  
I wear this crown of torns upon my wire chears,   
full of broken thoghts I cannot repair, beneath those things of time,  
the feeling disappear,   
you are someone else, I'm still right here.  
Am               F       G                   Am             F       G           Am  
If I could start again a million miles away, I will keep myself, I would find a way...  
Contribuição: Luiz Felipe Cunha([email protected])  


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