Devil Inside


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Devil Inside

Year: 2001 - Album: The Years 1979-1997

	  		 Here's "Devil Inside" by INXS.  It's difficult to show timing so I tried to 
 break it into measures where I could. 
 s = slide 
 p = pulloff 
 h = hammeron 
 r = release 
 Riff A 
E |----------|-----------|----------|---------| 
B |----------|-----------|----------|---------| 
G |----------|-----------|----------|---------| 
D |----------|-------1p0-|----------|---------| 
A |3-3-----1-|3-1-3------|3-3-----1-|-3-1-3---| 
E |----3-3---|-----------|----3-3---|---------| 
 Riff B (not sure about placement in measures) 
  in first two measures   next two             last one 
E -3---------3------------10s12-12-12s10-------15----------15-| 
B -3h5r3h5-5r3------------10s12-12-12s10-------15h17r15h17-15-| 
G ------------------------------------------------------------| 
D ------------------------------------------------------------| 
A ------------------------------------------------------------| 
E ------------------------------------------------------------| 
                                 C5  (C5)    n.c. 
|percussion and Hutchence noises|    |      |: Riff A|     |     |    :| 
VERSE (Here comes the woman...): 
 C5          A5          C5             A5 
|     |     |     |     |: Riff A|     |     |    :| 
 G            Em         G 
|Riff B |    |    |     |     |     | 
VERSE same chords/tab as above except: 
 instead of C5 and A5 play this coming out of BRIDGE 
  (hold for two measures) (hold for two measures) 
E 12----------|---------s|9 ---------|-----------| 
B 13----------|---------s|10---------|-----------| 
G ------------|----------|-----------|-----------| 
D ------------|----------|-----------|-----------| 
A ------------|----------|-----------|-----------| 
E ------------|----------|-----------|-----------| 
CHORUS (devil inside...devil inside...): 
 F            C 
|:     |     |     |    :| 
INTRO (starting at n.c. part with Riff A) 
 C F C F C F  F* Bb F* Bb F Bb 
|:    |     |       |        :| 
GUITAR SOLO (sorry no tab, just improvise in G penatonic :)): 
 G            Em                          G 
|     |      |      |     | repeat twice |     |     | 
VERSE (only play Riff A once at the end) 
CHORUS twice 
BRIDGE II repeat and fade 
 violator--"Sorry officer.  I think there was something wrong with my gas 
 policeman--"Yes, it must have been deeply depressed." 
    Les ([email protected]) 


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