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Back To Avalon

  		INTRO and acoustic guitar riff:

D (xx0755)  C  (xx0533)  G/D  (xx0433)  D   D* (xx013x)  G/B  (x2003x)

Bottom E string tuned down to D.

The acoustic riff plays throughout the verses.

Bm                            A#m5-
I'm  breaking  out  of  this  tired  old  spell, 

    D                               E       A
I  braved  it  out  long  and  so  well,  oh

                    G       G/C      G/B          G/C              D
CHORUS:  And  the  phoenix  flys,  straight  and  high  back  to  avalon.

           G      G/C  G/B         G/C    D                                 C
Now  I'm  on  my  way  back  where  I  belong,  gonna  go down  with  the  sun

                 D   C/D  G/D  D  D*  G/B
Back  to  avalon.

         C               D                 E7          F  
BRIDGE:  Back  to  avalon ...  nobody  knows  what's  inside  my  head  or

G                     D    E    F             G       A
down  this  road.  Whoa  whoa  I  know  I'm  going  home.

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