Chasing The Dragon


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Chasing The Dragon

	  		Standard tuning 

Acoustic guitar (Intro and the first part): 

Free my mind              Heal my scars 
Dark days to forget      And memories to last 


Erase the past 
In my heart 

Free me now 

(play the same riff now): 
Make me forget and forgive 
There's no use 
To go on and live 
Show me a way to the sun 

Heal my scars 

Am        A        Dm      F 
Nothing will be forever gone 
Memories will stay and find their way 
What goes around will come around 
Don?t deny your fears 
So let them go and fade into light 
Give up the fight here 

(Again the fist riff in acoustic): 
Let my eyes take in 
The beauty that's here 
That?s left on this earth 
My ears long to hear a melody 

Give me sight 


{PM}            . . .               ~ 
Poison is slowly      seeping through my veins 
Stealing the only     dignity in me 

I pick them up and let them fall... 

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