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Say Yes

Year: 1997 - Album: Either/Or

       Tune down one full step 
    Again. listen to the song to get the timing right 
    Verse 1 
    I'm in love with the world 
    Through the eyes of a girl 
    Who's still around the morning after 
    Verse 2 
    We broke up a month ago 
    But I grew up, I didn't know 
    You'd be around the morning after 
    Verse 3 
    It's always been wait and see 
    A happy day and then you pay 
    You feel like shit the morning after 
    Verse 4 
    But now I feel changed around 
    And instead of falling down 
    I'm standing up the morning after 
    Bridge strummed 
   C    D                 G 
    Situations get fucked up 
                 Em              A7        C 
    And turned around sooner ar laaaaaatteeeeeeeeer 
    Verse 5 
    I could be another fool 
    Or an exception to the rule 
    You tell me the morning after 
    Middle 8 strummed 
   G2       D                  Em2 
    Crickets spin can't come to rest 
        F7             Em2 
    I'm damaged bad at best 
              D             C 
    She'll decide what she wants 
   G2           D               Em2 
    I'll probably be the last to know 
            F7            Em2 
    No one says until it shows 
         D      Em7    
    See how is iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssss 
         Em7  Dm7 Dm7  C   C 
    They want you or they don't 
    Say Yes 
    Repeat Verse 1 
    In that part where it goes "sooner or laaaaaaaterrrrr" there's a  
little fill that goes like this. 
   |-5----5-----5-----5---|-5----5-----5-------------|  then just go 
   |-6------6-----6-----6-|-5------5-----5-----------|  back to the 
   |-5--------------------|-5------------------------|   verse 
   |-7--------------------|-3------------------------|   pattern 
    the second guitar part in the verse is like this 
    Where it goes "She'll decide what she wants", it goes 
    And where it goes " iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssss" the second  
guitar plays this 
          With all these parts it may look complicated, but if you have  
two guitarists it is incredibally easy. Stay posted for "Between The  
Bars", "No Name #3", and hopefully "Angeles".  
Contribuição: Leonardo Araujo da Silva [email protected] 


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