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by peretto

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Learn to be Still(ver.2)

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*INTRO: E A E A E A B e|------|------|------| B|------|----0-|------| G|----1-|---2--|--4---| D|---2--|--2---|--4---| A|--2---|-0----|--2---| E|-0----|------|------|
*VERSO 1: E A Just another day in paradise B A As you stumble to your bed. E A You'd give anything to silence B A Those voices ringin' in your head. B A You thought you could find happiness B A Just over that green hill. B A You thought you would be satisfied, E E A E A A But you never will...learn to be still. *VERSO 2: E A We are like sheep without a shepherd B A Who don't know how to be alone. E A So we wander 'round this desert B A Wind up following the wrong gods home. E A But the flock cries out for another, B A And we keep answering that bell. E A One more starry-eyed Messiah B E A E A E A E A Meets a violent farewell...learn to be still Bridge: C#m7 B Now the flowers in your garden C#m7 B They don't smell so sweet so sweet C#m7 B Maybe you've forgotten the Heaven lyin'at your feet. Yeah Yeah Yeah.
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*SOLO: (E E A A E E A A) e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------9/11\9-------------------------------------------------------------| G|------------9/11\9-------------------2/4\2----------------------------4-6--4---| D|-----7-9-11----------------4/6-4-----2/4\2-2----------------6-9--9-6---------6-| A|-7-9------------------2-2--------4-6---------4--2-4----7-7---------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------| e|-----------------------------| B|-----------------------------| G|------9/11-9-----------------| D|-4-----------7-9/11-9--------| A|---7------------------11-9-7-| E|-----------------------------|
*VERSO 3: E A There are so many contradictions B A In all these messages we send. (we keep askin') E A How do I get outta here? B A Where do I fit in? E A And though the world is torn and shakin', B A Even if my heart is breakin', E A It's waiting for you to awaken B And someday you will...learn to be still. E A E A E A E A Keep on runnin' Just keep on runnin' Yeah.

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