Daft Punk


Daft Punk



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Year: 2001 - Album: Discovery

Key:  C More
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	  		These are only the chords. I can't determine the quality of the first two, but the  
last two are a Cmaj7 and a CMaj. The chords are hit on the and of count 4. 

E 2|-------2|-------3|-------3|--------|| 
B 3|-------5|-------5|-------5|--------|| 
G 4|-------4|-------4|-------5|-------O|| 
D 2|-------2|-------5|-------5|-------O|| 
A -|-------4|-------3|-------3|--------|| 
E -|--------|--------|--------|--------|| 

"-" = 1/2 beat 

The last chord, CMaj, can be played this way too, but its not as rich sounding: 

E |-------3| 
B |-------5| 
G |-------5| 
D |-------0| 
A |--------| 
E |--------| 

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