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I Want Candy

Bow wow



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I Want Candy

	  		This is the tab for "I Want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow submitted by Nick Falcon. 
I transcribed it from the CD, The Best of Bow Wow Wow.  Bow Wow Wow recorded this song in the 1980's and the original recording of the song was done by The Strangeloves in the 1960's.  This submitted tab is all my own work. 
Rhythmically, the song has a groove similar to "Willie and the Hand Jive."  It's got great barbaric-like tribal drums and the guitar adds a nice percussive element with muted string strumming to further acentuate the rhythm. 
I broke down the main riff into two phrases.  Each share the same ending.  Also, the guitar and piano play the chords and riff in unison, so it sounds very big when you listen to the recording. 
First Phrase 
E ------------------------------------------------------------------ 
B -------------------5-7-8-7-5---8-7-5-------5---------------------- 
G -----------4-6-7-7-------------------7-6-7---6-7------------------ 
D ---4-5-7-7-------------------------------------------------------- 
A ------------------------------------------------------------------ 
E ------------------------------------------------------------------ 
Second Phrase 
E -----5-7-5-------5------------------------------------------------ 
B ---8-------8-7-8---8-7-8-7-5-------5------------------------------ 
G -----------------------------7-6-7---6-7-------------------------- 
D ------------------------------------------------------------------ 
A ------------------------------------------------------------------ 
E ------------------------------------------------------------------ 
The chord stabs are: 
C D 


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