Better Than Ezra

A Lifetime

Better Than Ezra


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A Lifetime

Key:  Cadd9 More
A Lifetime Key Gadd9Gadd9
A Lifetime Key G#add9G#add9
A Lifetime Key Aadd9Aadd9
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A Lifetime Key Cadd9Cadd9(original key)
A Lifetime Key C#add9C#add9(half step up)
A Lifetime Key Dadd9Dadd9(one step up)
A Lifetime Key D#add9D#add9
A Lifetime Key Eadd9Eadd9
A Lifetime Key Fadd9Fadd9
A Lifetime Key F#add9F#add9
	  		Cadd9           G/B
Allie woke up 8AM
G              Fill 1

Graduation day

And you were standing
                      E F

On the hood of the car

Singing out loud

When the sun came up.



And I know I wasn't right,
 G/B             G   Fill 1  

But it felt so good

(repeat this for the rest of chorus until)

D                      E F

And three and a half minutes

It felt like a lifetime

(Now those are the main parts of the song, just repeat them as necessary!
The bridge is played only on an electric, and sounds kinda weak acoustic,
so you might wanna play it using barre chords instead of octaves) 

Here's the riff to the bridge.


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