Australian Crawl

Errol (solo)

Australian Crawl


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Errol (solo)

	  		heres the solo for Errol by Australin Crawl. top band 
standard tuning 
E --12------10--8--10/12---13-12-8------------------------ 
B ---------------------------------8-6-5------------------ 
G --------------------------------------5-0--------------- 
D -----------------------------------------3-2------------ 
A --------------------------------------------3----------- 
E ---------------------------------------------3-1-0------ 
E ---------------------0-333--5/888--10-8-7--15--10-8-7--- 
B -------------------------------------------------------- 
G -------------------------------------------------------- 
D -{-1/2-------------------------------------------------- 
A -----------3/2/3-}-------------------------------------- 
E -------------------------------------------------------- 
 {some distortion here} 
The second Bit after the pause is pretty much the same just crankin up high then descending 
E --12------10--8--10/12---20--15--13-12------------------- 
B ---------------------------------------13-8-6-5---------- 
G ------------------------------------------------5-------- 
D --------------------------------------------------------- 
A --------------------------------------------------3/1-0-- 
E --------------------------------------------------------- 
There ya have it. i'm still not too sure of the second bit. havent got me guitar 
with enough frets yet. been usin the piano. any corrections or comments are  
welcome. cheers. 
tabbed by pattey ([email protected]) 

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tabs Australian Crawl - Errol (solo)
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