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Summer Time Blues Tab

Alan Jackson

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Summer Time Blues

       This is a great song by alan jackson from his Wh am I album.I have 
written the tab and the chords and they are both right. If there not please 
email me at [email protected] 
              Use Drop "D" Tuning for the picking 
--------------------------------- --------------------------  
--------------------------------- --------------------------  
--------------------------------- --------------------------  
---------0-0-----0-0------------- ------0-----0-0-0---------  
-----4^5-----4^5-----2-0-2-0----- --4^5---4^2-------2-0-----  
-----------------------------2--0 ----------------------2--0  
      H       H              B       H     H            B 
              Standard Tuning But yo can plat the chords with Drop D but it 
wont sound exactly right 
                   Use a bass note strum 
Play "D" throughout the hole intro 
Verse and the chorus are the same: 
D D D D D G G D stop   G G D stop 
      Hope you have as much fun with this as mech as i doeven though im not 
a big country fan 


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