18 Hertz


18 Hertz



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                                Played By: 18 Hertz  
                        Music & Lyrics By Darrell Gilliard 

This song is played in the key of EM. Listen to the song on Garageband.com 
under the band name 18 Hertz and you will get a feel for the strumming  
patterns. I use a Strat and a modified Les Paul and new software I just got. 
The guitars are all recorded direct in straight from a preamp to the computer 
instead of micing the amps etc.... Peace....  

Intro Riff: 




You play the individual notes open E, G slide to A then play the A5 
bar chord using the low E 5th string and A string 7th fret. You'll then  
get the riff for the verses in the song. It's a pretty simple riff. 

This is the Chorus Chord Progression played with double down strokes 
on each bar chord as tabbed below.  




That's basically the rhythm parts for the song.  
The guitars are used to create the groove and the mood for the drums  
and the vocals. 

Verse 1 

         It was the 4th of September 
         In my home town 
         There was this group called the Renegades 
         They were laying it down 
         I had my girl on my shoulders 
         Givin the band the eye 
         When there drummer started looking back 
         She told me goodbye 

        Would you still love me 
        If I told you some little lies 
        You see I'm no different 
        Than all those other guys. 
        Would you still want me 
        If I said the right things too  
        I got to know the answer  
        Or I'll never get over you 

Verse 2 

        I got my own band now 
        Groupies are waitin in my car 
        But I still think about you baby 
        Wherever you are 
        Would you still love me if I told 
        You some little lies 
        You see I'm no different baby 
        Than all those other guys. 

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