Zane Williams

Pablo Maria

Zane Williams

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Pablo Maria

Am                    C 
Pablo Escavado took Maria for his bride 
Dm                F 
Dead of winter 1885 
  Am                           C 
A bitter snow was falling as a dozen ragged men 
   Dm                         F           
Surrounded the little chapel, trapping Pablo in 

They called out ?Surrender or we?ll burn the whole place down.? 
Pablo whispered ?Death can't hurt me know? 
?Stay here my Maria, and remember me this way? 
Then he kissed her lips and they dragged him away. 

F G She heard him, calling to her F C ?Sweet Maria, can you hear me?? G Am Muffled echoes up and down the frozen canyon walls F C ?Maria, how I love you.? G Dm Till the lonesome sound had nowhere else to go Dm C Am C Dm F And it was swallowed in the January snow
Silence fell; the solemn priest said ?God will avenge my child? Maria just stared right through him, hollow eyed and wild Stumbling into the muddy street she lifted her eyes to see, The twisting awkward silhouette now still beneath the tree No one dared to touch her and she left her lover there And ran down to the river, with the wind whipping her hair The snowflakes swirled behind her like the finest flowing train And the north wind moaned and whispered, as if it knew her name Chorus 2: she swore she, still heard him calling ?Sweet Maria, can you hear me?? Muffled echoes up and down the frozen canyon wall ?Maria, how I love you? Till she reached the edge of the river far below And leapt into the January snow If you're ever down in Texas in the January snow And you hear a mournful whisper in the North wind as it blows You may feel the lonesome presence of a lady all in white Weeping in the distance, just out of your sight Chorus 1

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