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  		Verse 1:  
  G     Em            C  
  Yesterday I went outside  
          D?             G  
  With my Mother's Mason jar  
             Em         C  *  
  Caught a lovely butterfly  
  G      Em        C  
  When I woke up today  
            D?          G  
  Looked in on my fairy pet  
            Em          C  *     
  She had withered all away  
  No more sighing in her breast  

G I'm sorry for what I did Em C I did what my body told me to D G I didn't mean to do you harm G7 C D Every time I pin down what I think I want G It slips away Em C5 And oh it slips away
Verse 2: Smell you on my hands for days Couldn't wash away the scent If I'm a dog then you're a bitch I guess you're as real as me Maybe I can live with that To excite my fantasy Life of chasing butterfly Chorus Verse 3: G Em C I told you that I'd return D? G When the robin builds his nest Em C * But I ain't never comin' back End part: G I'm sorry Em I'm sorry C5 G I'm sorry.

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