Weeping Willows

So It's Over

Weeping Willows

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So It's Over

	  		verse 1 

So it's over, it's over for now. 
We finally fell asleep, and it's over for now. 
We argued again, we just couldn't agree. 
We finally fell asleep, we just let it be. 
      C                    D 
But tomorrow will be another day. 
    C                         G 
And we will have to try another way.

Em G Why do we always go wrong? Em D We could be listening to the lovebird's song. Em G Why can't we never really see? Em D G That it's not meant to be you and me
. verse 2 G It's that new day, we've not straightened things out. D My love for you fades away, I don't even doubt. C D And tomorrow could be another day. C G And I will have to go, go my own way. Outro A So it's over, it's over and gone. E I'll have to leave you for good, 'Cause this can't go on. D E And tomorrow must be another day. D A I know I will have no regrets, 'cause I can't stand to stay

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