Dixie Cups And Jars Keyboard


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by renejunior

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Dixie Cups And Jars


Intro: D 

D          E      F#      Bm 
I'm not a whipper in the wind 
D          E     F#      Bm 
Or solace laying at the bottom of a bottle, or your thick skin 
D             E        F#       Bm 
Escape yells both our names out loud 
D                 E          F#       Bm 
We run like hell, I'll write a tragic epilogue and you'll act it out 

D   E   F#   Bm  (2x)

I watched your dad give you away 
I watched him drink the bitter taste in his exertion away 
Make-up sits on your face like tar 
The champagne flutes poorly engineered, employ dixey cups and jars 

D              Bm     A 
Like minds let go of doubt 
D            Bm         G 
I watched it blow right out and 
D            Bm        A 
We danced on gaffs and graves 
D              Bm             G                    A 
You'll remain, I will find a way to leave gracefully or I'll escape 
D    E    F#    Bm 

I do not fall to losing face 
I dream I dive into something greater, something to take my grief away 
Sead leaves crunch, I will not be missed 
I fill my jar up to the brim, I am an arid abyss 
I'm an arid abyss 

End on: D 


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