I Wanna Be Your Hands Keyboard


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by jlov2rymes

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I Wanna Be Your Hands

  		(Intro) D A Em G Em A 
      b|-3(repeat fill) 
(verse 1) 
Bm                             G                 
Bm                      G 
An image flashed across my TV screen, another broken heart comes into  
Bm                      G               D 
I saw the pain, and i turned my back, why can't i do the things, i  
want to? 
A                     Em           A    
I am willing, yet i'm so afraid, You give me strength when i say  

D A I wanna be your hands, i wanna be your feet, Em G I'll go where You send me, go where You send me
(repeat) Em A D A G And I'll try, yea I'll try, to touch the world, like you touched my life, Em A and i'll find my way to be your hands (repeat intro/fill) (verse 2)(same chords as verse 1) I've abandoned every selfish tought, i've surrendered everything i got, You can have evrything i am, and perfect everything i'm not, I am willing, I'm not afraid, You give me strength when i say (repeat Chorus) (Bridge) A G This is the last time i turn my back from you, E G From now on I'll go out, send me where you want me to, A G I finally have a mission, i promise I'll complete, E G I don't need excuses when i am your hands and feet. (repeat Chorus 3x)

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