Tyler Childers

Banded Clovis

Tyler Childers

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Banded Clovis


E                           A              E 
Tina Nolan had a man with a good place for siftiní 
He invited me digginí, so I picked up my screen 
 E                        A      E 
And a shovel to dig and a jar of shine 
   E                    A         E 
He traded me fair for a bottle of wine 
    A         Bm7             E 
His brotherís Barnes Mountain wine 

E                           A               E 
We trudged through the snow straight up the hillside 
Took a ridge for a while, then we slowly went down 
      E        A            E 
To an overhang hid from the ridgeline 
        E                       A          E 
We bent o'er our handles and we bit in the ground 
    A        Bm7    E 
The dark and bloody ground

      E                             A            E 
Was a bitch to break ground but the wine kept us goin' 
The moonshine was flowin' and keepin' us warm 
           E                        A          E 
'Cause you canít hold a girl with a fistful of shovel 
       E                     A          E 
Got to find your fire in the company of corn 

   E                       A             E 
We dug for a while then it all turned to ashes 
Found a bunch of broke flint and a few bits of bone 
       E                         A           E 
Then I heard Jesse yell o'er the pile he was sifting 
          E                          A          E 
Shook the hills like the angels were calliní us home 
 A     Bm7          E          E 
Jesse, Zachary come home 

       E                      A          E 
It was banded as hell, it was fluted and clovis 
It was hot as the pistol I kept on my side 
      E                         A             E 
I was fiending so fierce, I was broke ass and busted 
  E                          Bm7          E     A  Bm7  E (walk up) A 
I pulled out my pistol and I took Jesseís life 

  A                     E 
A clovis like that is a hard point to find 
      E                                           Bm7 
Makes pills swift to come by with a good chunk of change 
     E                A        E 
Left over for burn on whatever meanness 
E                 A         E 
Whatever woman is comin' my way 
A       Bm7     E 
Darlin' come my way 

  E                        A      E 
I sit in this cell for the banded clovis 
I stole off of Nolan when I killed'm that day 
  E                       A             E 
I reckon the chase of the pills and the powder 
     E                        Bm7         E      A  Bm7  E 
Corn liquor and woman are the culprits to blame 


| h  Hammer-on 
| p  Pull-off 
| /  Slide up 


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