When It Rains It Pours


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When It Rains It Pours


        C                        E                          Am 
You wake to greet the brand new day wake up realize you're late 
                         F                           C 
Reach out to make your plane can't find your keys again 
                         E                         Am 
The rents been due for weeks you need this gig to eat 
                     F                       C 
Your car starts to leak the engine's really weak 
                       E                     Am 
It won't start up in time you try to find a ride 
                            F                           C 
The bills weren't paid on time your cell phone lost a line 
                         E                             Am 
Your problems won't go away they keep piling on your plate 
                   F                          C 
You just want to escape you need to reawake now 

E Am Listen to the words I'm singing in this line F That your life will be just fine and C E Troubles do not stay they get replaced with good times Am Now you've got a great life F C Smile as you walk by thinkin' 'bout the day
C E Am F C E Am It's late your legs won't rest today your body seems to ache F C Your mind will win the race burnin' by your sleep again E Am The night blooms from the sun a long dark night undone F C another day of fun waiting for some love to come E Am You keep hoping for a day when things will go your way F C and all decisions have been made karma's finally found its way E Am The drinks they pass the time they help me to unwind F C The guilt is killing me inside you're right they need to reawake now (Chorus) C E It's gray the rain pours down my face Am F C The tears become erased a cleansing of my face splashing down into my grin E Am My eyes become alive a feeling left behind F C A hidden world untied creating all you see today E Am F The clouds they went away forever did I wait karma finally found my plate C E And now I'm smiling in the sun we'll meet again some day Am F We'll smile then I'll say when it rain it pours all day C Until love can find its way now (Chorus)x2

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