On the road




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On the road

	  		Bm A G  
The angry lonely guy without love, 
Now's following the winds, 
He's out of money at the dead end, 
But stole a car to run of this life, 

G A 
He's creating himself way, 
Said good bye to life,family 
I went to find my love.... 

Bm A G 
In my car 
Without any destiny, 
I see a drunken face at the back mirror, 
In the road, 
Bottles at the street follows my way 
I hope never come back, 
            Bm    A     G 
I said,I go awaaaaaaaay... 

Bm A G A 
60 months later,Future I saw before, 
Come to pass ahead my eyes, 
The lucky It's the same, and never'll change, 
Time only makes me grow up, 
G A 
But now i get older 10 years or more, 
I didn't care about my life 
When I gone away............... 


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