The Strokes

12:51 Keyboard

The Strokes

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Willian89

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  		Intro  (E, A, E, A)
 E                           A
Talk to me now im older 
            F#m                     B
your friends okay cause i told her 
  E		         A
friday nite's have been lonely  
 F#m			  B
change your plans and then phone me 
Solo  (E, C#m, B) 
E		      A
we can go and get forties 
 F#m		  B
fuck goin to that party 
      E		           A
oh really, your folks are a way now 
  F#m			B
alright, lets go, you convinced me 
Solo  (E, C#m, B) 2x 
  Am	         E
12:51, is the time my voice 
found the words i sought.. 
is it the stage i want
       Am		      E
The world is shutting out for us
 	         Am			   E
oh we were tense for sure but we was con-fi-dent 
E		      A
kiss me now that im older 
  F#m              B
i wont try to control you 
  E		         A
friday nite's have been lonely 
  F#m		       B
take it slow but dont warn me. 
 E              A
We'd go and got 40's  
F#m                        B
then we'll go to some party 
     E		     A
we can go and get forties  
oh really, your floks are away now
alright i'm commin....
Solo  (E, C#m, B) 6x 

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