The Crybabys

Forevers Gone

The Crybabys

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Forevers Gone


Intro: A E F#m C#m D A D E 
Forevers gone 

Forevers gone 
A       E 
Girl you've changed 
F#m   C#m 

a funny way 
D            A 

boots of red leather 
D            E 

think you got naïve 


A        F#m   
when forevers gone 

A              E  
I want wait for you 

A               D  
Something workin on 

E               A 
When forevers gone 

A     E 
She walks the street 
F#m       C#m 

And shows her face 
D           A 
And now she aint so shadow 
D            E 
of velvet inlays 


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