The Corrs


The Corrs

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Year: 1995 - Album: Works

(The Corrs)

	  		              F              G    Bb
            Say it's true
                                            F             G   Bb
            There's nothing like me and you
          F               G    Bb
            I'm not alone
                              F         G   Bb
            Tell me you feel it too

         Dm         Bb
              I would run away
                          Gm                   C
              I would run away  yeah, yeah
                           Dm       Bb
              I would run away
                          Gm                C   Bb
              I would run away with you

Chorus:       F    G  Bb
            'Cos I'm
                                F     G   Bb
            I'm falling in love        with...
            F            G     Bb
            You know I'm never
                   F     G          Bb        F    
       I'm never gonna stop falling in love with you
             (F       G    Bb)
            Close the door  
            Lay down and pull me slow            
            And by candlelight           
            Make love to me through the night
         (Dm         Bb      Gm          C)
           'Cos I have run away
            I have run away  yeah, yeah
            I have run away  (run away)
            I have run away with you


           I would run away…

          Bb C Bb C
           Bb C Bb Bb   


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