The Cardigans

Marvel Hill

The Cardigans

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Marvel Hill

	  		Intro Instrumental 
E7+      Eb           Ebm        D            Dbm 

verse 1 
E7+                     Eb 
Strange to be on Marven Hill 
Ebm                          D  Dbm 
I've walked some year to find 
E7+                         Eb 
I know there is a place to fill 
Ebm                   D  Dbm 
the gap I have in mind 

verse 2 
E7+                             Eb 
No, nothing's here, I close my eyes 
E7+                             Eb 
It's on the other side 
E7+                             Eb 
and what I've worked so hard to gain 
Ebm                 D Dbm 
I'd gadly give away 

Bridge 1 
'cause I don't need this, 
I don't need it 
Cm          B A 
I need more 

verse 3 
E7+                             Eb 
a postcar from where life's a thril 
Ebm                 D Dbm 
on top of Marvel Hill 

Bridge 2 
but I don't need this, 
I don't need it 
Cm          B A 
I need more 

E no, I don't need this B/Eb too good to be true D A/D C too good to ignore E I don't need this B/Eb I need so much more D A/D C It's too much to ask for E7+
Outro Instrumental fading out Gb7+ F Fm E Ebm

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