The Bogmen

Oceans Apart Keyboard

The Bogmen

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by bombaXXX

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Oceans Apart

(The Bogmen)

Intro:  C Am (2x) 

 C			Am 
Lying in a puddle of my own remorse when 
   C					     Am 
A voice came through the heavens: (Get back  on that horse.) 
     Dm		         G 
'Cuz love comes easy at first, unknown, then 
      Dm		 G		    C	Am  C  Am 
To learn to tumble when you get thrown, oh yeah! 

    C				   Am 
You opened up the doors to your protected heart and 
  C			      Am 
 let a total stranger pick it all apart 
    Dm		       G 
But patience in the extreme with love 
      Dm			  G	      C	  Am 
Will bring you what you've been dreaming of, yeah! 

       Am		   D 
'Cuz black clouds only conceal the sun, 
     Am			      D		G  Em  G 
And just like that you're the only one. 

	   C				  Am 
No we're skipping through the fire like a summer rain, 
  C			     Am 
Shielded by the aura of our shared remains. 
Dm		    G 
I'd much rather die in your arms then 
Dm		   G 
live without 'em around me first 

   C				  Am 
Remember when you found me I was spoken for, 
      C				    Am 
With tape around my mouth and lying on the floor 
     Dm			     G 
You propped me up and looked in my eyes 
    Dm		       G	      C	  Am 
And I saw freedom and fireflies, oh yeah! 

	Am			     D 
All the weight was lifted, all my strength returned, 
      Am		      D		 G  Em  G 
The flies land on me but I'm not burned. 

G			   D 
Butterflies sleeping in a hurricane, 
D				    G 
Peace is in your eyes while you're giving birth. 
G				D 
Waiting in the station for the mystery train, 
    D				G 
To come and put a smile on the face in the earth. 

    Am		              D 
I'm sure that's why you were sent to me, 
     Am		        D		G  Em  G 
That we together could set folks free! 

	  C			       Am 
Now I'm swimming in the ocean that was once my tears, 
   C			       Am 
A hurricane of joy has swept away my fears, 
Dm			     G 
   I've built an ark for the purpose of 
Dm			 G 
   Floods of passion and   floods of love 
Dm			 G 
You can't stop them and nor can I 
Dm			      G	         C 
Gonna keep on going 'til the day we die. 

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