Swim Deep

She Changes The Weather Keyboard

Swim Deep

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by carlluz

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She Changes The Weather

G                A 
  She takes my time, 
G                  C  
 She grows the flowers in my mind, 
G                A          C    D 
 She makes it shine in my mood. 
G               A 
 She makes me trip, 
G                 C 
 The words just fall out of my lips, 
G         A           C    D 
 And I forgot how to lie. 
G           A 
 A song reminds me 
G              C 
 As I track my life 
G      A       C            D    C            D 
 It's easy as three-sixty nine, three-sixty nine. 

G  Em  D  C  Em  D  (4x) 

G                           Em 
 Seen it all but I've seen nothing yet 
Cause I forget 

Do I know or do I think I know? 
         C    Em 
It's so real, 
It's so clear 

G                 Em 
 She takes my time and I don't mind 
She makes me feel like 

Like I can see for miles. 
                  C             Em 
She changes the weather in my world 
Seems like it's never getting cold. 

G                   Em 
 It's OK, it's not obvious 
Cause what you say will make my day 

Rid of consequence 
         C    Em 
It's so real, 
But It's so clear 

Bridge:  G  Em  D  C  Em  D (2x) 


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