Sugar Ray


Sugar Ray

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(Sugar Ray / David Kahne)

Standard Tuning 
        Intro (and little "riff" throughout the song): 
        B-0-----0-------------2-----------4-0--    Riff por: Humberto S. C. Bianchi 
        G---1-------1-1-----2------------------                                     ( [email protected]) 
        The main sound of it all: 
                Each chord has 4 beats per measure 
        E F#m 
        I can't really achieve the sound of the other guitar 
        that plays in the background. . . can anyone help? 
                Each chord has 4 beats per measure 
        A G#m (3x)then A B 
                Verse 1: 
        E       F#m               E            F#m 
        Someday, when my life has passed me by, 
        I'll lay around and wonder 
                     F#m                E 
        Why you were always there for me. 
                Verse 2: 
        E       F#m               E         F#m 
        One way, in the eyes of a passer by, 
                              E                 F#m 
        I'll look around for another try, 
        And I'll fade away. 
A G#m Just close your eyes and I'll take you there A G#m This place is warm, without a care A G#m We'll take a swim in the deep blue sea A B I go to leave but you reach for me
Verse 3: E F#m E F#m Some say, better things will come our way E No matter what they try to say F#m E You were always there for me Verse 4: E F#m E F#m Someway, when the sun begins to shine E F#m I hear a song from another time E and I'll fade away. Correção: Humberto S. C. Bianchi ([email protected])

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