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Another Day Keyboard


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by deivcavalcanti

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Another Day

rd Fret 
Intro: G Bm G C Am F#m D Am F C D  
   G                     Em 
An orange balloon on the distant horizon 
    C                      Am 
The air had a nip, for the sun was still rising 
  D                  F 
A delicate fusion of ambery tone 
        C                            D 
Brought warmth to the shore, where I walked all alone 
 G      C     D 
Another day begins 
  G                        Em 
A crab scuttled awkwardly, shyly away 
   C                     Am 
Perhaps the strangest of all nature's rebels 
D                             F 
Night shed its cloak with the sounds of the day 
    C                 D 
The gentle lap of the tide on the pebbles 
 G      C     D      C      G C G  C 
Another day begins, another day 
    G                            Em       
The gulls on the breeze, soaring over my head 
     C                  Am 
Like marionettes with invisible thread 
    D                     F 
The day unfurled like the lights on a mast 
C                     D 
Spelling a message of sunshine at last 
 G      C     D      C      G C G   
Another day begins, another day 
        (## Key Change - Up 2 Semitones ##) 
INTERLUDE: E A F#m D F#m Bm D E G F#m E 
I walked along for miles 
    D          E 
The clear blue sky was free 
        G                 B 
And the smiles shone like pearls on the sea 
 A      D     E      D      A D A  D A        
Another day begins, another day 
Far too soon it was time to be leaving 
  D                      Bm           
A gull flew ahead of me, bobbing and weaving 
   E                    G 
It caught my eye with a quizzical stare 
D                      E 
Was it my love, was it she who was there? 
 A      D     E 
Another day begins 
  A                             F#m 
I climbed the steep path to the high cliff top's heather 
    D                     Bm 
The sea was as clear as a fresh mountain stream 
    E                    G 
The gull, as it circled away, dropped a feather 
  D             E 
A souvenir of a beautiful day dream 
 A      D     E      D      A D A  D A  
Another day begins, another day 
        D     E      D      A D A  D A   
Another day begins, another day 
OUTRO:  (## gradually slow tempo to end ##) 
      F#m  A  D  Bm  E  G  D  E 

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