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	  		Intro: F# Bm  F# Bm  F# Bm  F# Bm 

F#            Bm                    
The children had all left home 
The house was like a ship without a sail 
      A              D                   
They headed for the sunset 
C#                            Bm 
Where maybe they would find a holy grail 
F#            Bm  
The bedrooms were all rigged up 
The posters of my (?) - were ripped away 
      A              D    
Each day was blessed with freedom 
C#                           C 
As they would try to find something to say 
Bb/F  Gm            
She kept a little journal 
Fm   C7sus2/G 
He scanned them out to see 
Ab            Eb/G     Bb  F/A 
If they could find Nirvana 
Ab            Eb/G         F# Bm  F# Bm    
And where that place might be 

F#            Bm 
She had lots of things to do 
They kept the plastic covers on the chairs 
     A              D  
It drove him around the twist 
C#                                  C 
They both were wondering what they might have missed. 
Bb/F  Gm   
He quibbled with ambition 
Fm   C7sus2/G 
She fell into a rut 
Ab            Eb/G     Bb  F/A 
They sat and read the papers 
Ab            Eb/G     Bb  F/A 
In sequence they would touch 
Ab            Eb/G     Bb  F/A 
The creeping realization 
Ab            Eb/G         F# Bm  F# Bm    
Like a punch in the gut 
F#          Bm 
Each day like the one before 
The dreams evaporated 
                A                   D 
As the weeks and months turned into years 
C#                            C 
The queasy feeling that they wanted more 

Bb/F  Gm 
He   said his word was final 
Fm   C7sus2/G 
She heard him slam the door 
Ab            Eb/G     Bb  F/A 
Anytime she would pipe up 
Ab            Eb/G     Bb  F/A 
He heard it all before 
Ab            Eb/G     Bb  F/A 
Although they blame each other 
Ab            Eb/G     Bb  F/A 
Really they knew the score 
Ab            Eb/G     Bb  F/A 
They were in this together 
Ab            Eb/G     Bb  F/A 
Like children holding back tears 
Ab            Eb/G     Bb  F/A 
They've come so far to end up 
Ab            Eb/G     F# Bm  F# Bm  F# Bm  F# Bm   
With nothing down the years 

Ab            Eb/G     Bb  F/A to end 

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