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Destination Anywhere - Theme Keyboard


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by julidinamica

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Destination Anywhere - Theme

  		Here's a real jelly of a song originally done by 
Ashford and Simpson in 1967. 

Said to the man at the railroad station 
Dm7                    G9 
I want a ticket just for one 
Dm7                    G9 
He said, well if you insist  where you wanna go, Miss? 
F                Bb      F   Bb        F    Gm7        F 

Oh       destination anywhere   east or west I  dont care 
Asus A7  Dm7          G9       Dm7           G9 
You see, my baby dont want me no more 
F                     Bb          F 
This old world aint got no back door 
Bb      Am7       Gm7   Am7      G   G7 

He looked at me with a funny face and said 
"ARe you sure you wanna go just any place?" 
I said "If you've ever loved someone the way I love that man 
surely Mister Ticket Agen, you should understand 

destination anywhere, ....... 


'Cause if it did, it would swing both ways 
Eb                          F 
and we'd go  back to happy  yesterdays  
    Gm                    Eb 
when I loved him tenderly and all he needed was me 
       F                      Dm            G7 

As I stared through the window of the train 
I thought I heard my baby call my name 
But it was just the conductor saying 
"Which stop would you prefer?" 


Ahhhh, nice song

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